Audits Happen. Be Prepared.

Company Information is brought to you by the audit experts at Canada TaxResources, Inc. Canada TaxResources, Inc. is a subsidiary of TaxResources, Inc. which began in 1988. Since then, we have provided expert tax audit defence and tax representation services to millions of clients across North America. We serve individual taxpayers and small businesses.

Our Mission

To provide our Members with the finest income tax audit representation and the best taxpayer education available while minimizing the stress involved in dealing with the CRA or any tax authority.

Our Expert Tax Audit Representatives:

  • Are highly trained in Canadian tax law.
  • Have experience. Our specialists process more audits in one month than most tax preparers handle in a lifetime.
  • Offer local representation.
  • Take care of all the details, so you never have to meet with the CRA alone.
  • Have up-to-the-minute expertise in tax codes and CRA rules, ensuring you get the best representation possible.

If you have any questions about our company or services, please Contact Us.