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Got a letter? If you are a member, report your letter online or contact our Customer Service Department at 866.581.9695.

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Save money with ongoing protection. Pay one low fee for protection in the event of a future income tax audit or review.

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We deal with the CRA so you don't have to go it alone.


Unparalleled Expertise

Our tax audit defence representatives handle audits every day. Most tax preparers, audit lawyers and tax attorneys won’t handle as many cases in a career as our experts will in a month.


Unbeatable Value

An audit can cost you countless hours and thousands of dollars. We provide the highest caliber of income tax representation available – at a price any taxpayer can afford.


Freedom from Worry

We relieve you from the nightmare of facing the CRA alone and work aggressively to ensure you receive the largest refund possible, or pay no more tax than you rightfully owe.

Protect your return as long as it can be audited.

With over 11 million members, is the leading audit defence firm in North America.

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With you get an audit solution you can count on.

We get thousands of letters and emails from satisfied customers thanking us for our expert assistance and service in defending their returns. is the exclusive provider of TurboTax® audit defence.


We offer Individual and Small Business Audit Defence.

Individual Memberships are available to those who file form T-1. Small Business Memberships are available to Corporations that file form T-2. If your business is a Sole Proprietorship and files a T2125 with your individual tax return, it is included under our Individual Audit Defence Membership.


Helpful Tax Resources

We have free resources to assist you whether or not you have audit protection.

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Sample Tax Notices

The CRA sends out many different types of notice and audit letters.

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Tax Audit Tips

What is a tax audit or review? Why shouldn't I represent myself in a tax audit or review?

Join our 11 million members.

Protect your tax return.

With prepaid audit defence, our tax professionals are with you every step of the way until your tax situation is resolved. An individual audit defence membership is just $49.99 and protects your return for as long as it can be audited.

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