Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

We have been providing Tax Audit Defence and advisory services since 1988.
As a member of, your name, address, and other personal information will not be disclosed or sold to anyone else. Only's Audit and Technical staff will have access to your tax information. View our Security and Privacy policy for more information. partners with Intuit® to provide Audit Defence for users of TurboTax® Online and TurboTax® software.
We support newer versions of Edge, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome. Other browsers work on our website, but you may have trouble with the display and/or functionality of the site.

Membership Questions

As soon as you receive an audit notice, call the phone number provided on your membership agreement. DO NOT contact the CRA or Provincial Taxing Authority. You must use as YOUR ONLY contact with the CRA or Provincial Taxing Authority. When you have provided the audit notice and the tax return to our Case Coordinator, the appropriate qualified representative will be assigned to you.
You may cancel your membership for any reason within 30 days of purchase.
We do not review your tax return prior to the acceptance of the membership.
We agree that it may seem too good to be true, but it is not. We have been successfully defending taxpayers since 1988.
Yes, your provincial tax return is included in your membership except for the Province of Quebec.
Audit Defence includes field audits through the restricted examination of books, but does not include detailed financial audits.
Yes, all income reported on your individual tax return is included in your membership.
We do not provide any form of membership for Publicly Traded entities.
If you have an Audit Defence Membership, we will defend the tax return for which you bought the membership for as long as it can be audited.
Our Audit Defence Membership includes tax returns that were filed late.
Amended returns are covered if Audit Defence was purchased for the originally filed return.
You should select the Membership Type that corresponds to your Tax Return Type.
We do not have access to your tax return, so orders that are placed through TurboTax® may be sent to us with the name of the person who placed the order for the membership. If you are purchasing a membership for someone else and want to ensure that the membership is assigned to the correct return, you can call Membership Services to purchase directly over the phone. If a membership needs to be moved to the correct account, the member whose name is currently on the account can call Membership Services and request a name change form to be emailed to them. Once we receive a completed name change form, the membership will be updated within two weeks.

Review Notice Questions

Yes, Audit Defence includes both pre and post-assessment reviews.
Every notice from the CRA is serious. However, not every notice means an audit. If you are a member of, you can report your notice by calling 866.581.9695.
No. Often, help is still possible. We will need to see all notices and tax returns to evaluate the case.
Though we try to contact you within the first 24 hours, an answer can take anywhere from two to four business days upon receiving all required documents.
Even if the letter seems to be asking for something simple, you could damage your case without realizing it. We ask that members allow us to handle all of the contact with the tax agency from the start to ensure that the case is resolved as quickly and easily as possible.
No. We ask that you allow us to handle all of the contact with them on your behalf. Once your representative has been assigned to the case, he or she will be able to provide you with any necessary documents or instructions about the best way to inform the agency that you have representation.

Audit Defence Questions

If you do not own a business, the charges for an Audit Defence Membership can be claimed as a deduction for legal fees if you use our service during the year purchased. If you own a business, then the fee can be deducted as a business expense.
Yes. Often, help is still possible. We will need to see all notices and tax returns to evaluate the case.
Our representatives handle more audits in one month than most tax preparers or attorneys handle in a lifetime. With, you not only get personal service, but the experience of an expert defender.
If you have already purchased a membership for the tax return under audit, there is no additional cost for the audit defence service.
If you believe that your case was closed prematurely, rather than opening a new case online, you should contact your representative or case coordinator directly to inquire about why a case may have been closed. If you do not know your tax professional's phone number, please contact Membership Services and a membership services representative will be happy to help you contact them.
While your Audit Defence membership allows us to assist you with CRA notices for the tax return year for which the membership was purchased, we are not sent a copy of the notice by the tax agency. In order for us to begin defending your return, you must contact us directly so that we are aware of the notice and can step in to assist you. We ask that you report any audit notices to us within 15 days of the date of the first notice to ensure that we are able to effectively reply in a timely manner. You can report an audit notice by calling us or through our website. To report an audit on our website you will have to login first. If you don't have an online account, you can create one here